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Numerous instructors utilize Pawnee’s facility to conduct classes and training. Instructors teach everything from Concealed Carry classes, Rifle, Pistol, and Trap & Skeet, to tactical and self defense training. While Instructors use our facilities, they operate independently of Pawnee Sportsmens Center.  Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center Rules & Regulations will be followed at all times.

Teaching techniques and philosophies will vary by instructor.  Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center, though dedicated to promoting shooting sports education and training, may not agree with or promote all the techniques or philosophies presented by all shooting instructors using this facility.

To view upcoming classes, please check our Calendar and contact the instructor directly to check on availability or to register for the class. The following is a listing of current instructors using Pawnee facilities:

Michael Tomasini

Phone #: 970.567.1204

Tactical Skills Institute

Instructor: Jim Torrez
Phone #: 970.581.8503
P.O. Box 336602
Greeley, CO 80633-6602


Front Range Training & Consulting, LLC

Program Manager: Scott Chambers
Phone #: 970.581.8503
1419 W. 29th Street
Loveland, CO 80538


Alpha2 Firearms Instruction

Instructor: Jeffrey Hall
Phone #: 970.227.8605
Email: Alpha2FI@Comcast.net

Profire USA Firearms Academy

Phone #: 1.800.535.6813

Instructors: Interested in using Pawnee Sportsmen's Center?

Inquiries welcome - please contact us for more details (beckra@ezlink.com)